Travel Tips

1.Best Travel Time ( Spring and Autumn )
2.Recommended Items
(1)Sun screen and rain gear (umbrella, raincoat, rain boot)

A subtropical humid monsoon climate brings obvious seasonal changes to Hunan Province. If you visit the region in the summer where there's a lot of sunlight and rain, remember to bring your sun screen, umbrella, raincoat, and wear waterproof shoes. To hike on rainy days, wear a raincoat instead of umbrella, or you may lose your balance when the wind blows.

(2)Warm clothes

As temperature varies greatly from morning to evening in the mountainous area, carry a long-sleeve T-shirt to prevent catching a cold.


Given Hunan cuisines are primarily spicy, you're recommended to drink more water, and prepare medicines for inflammation, enterogastritis and carsickness.


If you're not familiar with your destinations, it is important to take a map with you.

3.Important Notes

Travel plan

Before you depart, you should develop a travel plan that includes the destinations, the number of days, the routes, the weather, and book tickets to scenic spots in advance.

Emergency Numbers:

Police: +86 110 Fire Emergency: +86 119 Emergency Center: +86 120 Visitor Center: +86 12301