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Mount Heng

Mount Heng, also called the Southern Mountain of China’s Five Great Mountains, enjoys a better climate condition than the other four great mountains and so it is covered with lush trees and fragrant flowers all year round. For this, it is honored as the “Most Beautiful Mountain among Five Great Mountains”. There are plenty of scenic spots in Mount Heng. Among them, the Zhurong Peak, Sutra Collection Hall, Water Curtain Cave and Fangguang Temple are called the “Four Wonders of Mount Heng”which are considered the most popular scenic spots.

Travel Tips

  • Address
    No. 37, Yanshou Road, Nanyue District, Hengyang.
  • Transportation
    Take a bullet train or high-speed rail at West Mount Heng Station. There will be a shuttle bus that directly arrives at Mount Heng Scenic Area.

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