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Zhangjiajie - 3 days and 2 nights travel

Source: TripAdvisor Author: Yu shan ling quan Travel date: 2016-09-12
Tour route: Zhangjiajie

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Before the trip

The four day tour in Tianmenshan Mountain, ten galleries, yuanjiajie, Jinbian Xi, Huangshi village, watch the Tianmen Fox and two shows the charm of Xiangxi. The double enjoyment of the beauty of nature and the beauty of the humanities.

The first day


In Zhangjiajie, it is very convenient to connect the major attractions with a cable car or a sightseeing bus. A lot of old people have come to travel along the way, and the biggest one is 80 years old.

Huatian Hotel

Early start, from Changsha by car, noon to Zhangjiajie downtown, stay in the Alex Hua Tian hotel.

Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain

There are a lot of Tujia restaurants around the hotel. At noon we eat the famous local three cookers and go to Tianmenshan Mountain. It is very convenient for the city to go up to the Tianmenshan Mountain scenic spot by the cable car. This is also the world's longest cable car, more than seven kilometers, to sit for half an hour. The natural scenery of Tianmenshan Mountain is magnificent and magnificent, more artificial glass trestle Road, and the Tianmen cave escalator, which makes people sigh that human beings are also great. The most famous scenic spot, of course, is the Tianmen hole. It is said that one day a big cave suddenly broke out in the mountain. The local people have always said that Tianmenshan Mountain has the magic power.

Tianmen Fox Fairy

The beauty of the natural landscape stage, gorgeous lighting effect, the beautiful story of the story, let the Xiangxi folk songs to the world.

The second day



Wulingyuan Scenic Area

Take a car to Wulingyuan scenic spot, the next two days of the scenic spots are here. The main appreciation of Zhangjiajie's unique Zhangjiajie landforms, the world's only.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area

Enter the scenic area to visit ten galleries, quaint peaks from the foot of the mountain to watch. Here we can give full play to the imagination and imagine the mountain as a variety of human things. There are already wild monkeys, hairy, cute, and not afraid of people, but we are afraid of it.

Yuanjiajie inn

There were Kentucky and tourist centers on the top of the mountain. They had lunch and came to Yuan's family. Here is the viewfinder floating mountains avatar Hallelujah Mountain, based on the universe column attractions. There are also natural stone bridges, which are said to have good luck with the stone bridge, and many couples are also chained in the same lock.

Before the trip
The first day
The second day